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Good posture is much more than trying to stand or sit up straight, and improving posture doesn't come from walking around while balancing a book on your head. To enjoy the perfect posture and flawless movement of  a ballerina, you need to correct the muscle imbalances and movement habits that hold your body in poor postural alignment. This can only be accomplished through customized corrective exercises that are based on your unique body. 

Our system was developed from the expertise of Dr. Michael C Remy, a chiropractic sports orthopedist, who blended the world's leading posture and movement  corrective exercises into an easy-to-use method to improve posture, decrease musculo-skeletal pain, and improve athletic  performance.       All of our products and certified trainers are guaranteed to provide you with the very best in expert posture training.  

Unique Exercise Programs

Our exercise programs are unique because they are entirely based on a specific analysis of your unique posture and movement habits, and how one body region correlates to others.   Exercises are developed to meet your unique needs, goals and fitness levels. This ensures the best results.

At Posturcise™ by North Shore Health & Fitness Associates, Inc., you can engage in a range of fitness programs designed to provide maximum results in a short amount of time. Whether you are new to working out, or are at an advanced level of fitness, you can enjoy the benefits of improved posture and movement such as decreased pain and injuries, improved fitness training results, and enhanced athletic performance.

While many exercise programs inadvertently strengthen your posture dysfunction, Posturcise™ strengthens proper posture and movement function, allowing you to achieve better results from any exercise program.

With Posturcise™,  you will achieve greater results from any type of fitness routine you already enjoy.  The exercises that are designed for you in our books and online workouts  not only support better posture and movement in all of your physical activities, but can be used by themselves for an overall fitness approach.  Strength, flexibility, coordination, power, core, and stability/ balance training are all improved with our system.  As a result, the mechanical dysfunctions that are inadvertently strengthened with many other exercise programs are corrected by strengthening proper posture and movement function.  This can help relieve many back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pains, while improving muscular force production and sports performance. Because you learn to use your "weak link" muscles, more calories are burned in any exercise, accentuating your weight loss efforts.  Collectively, this is like having the best personal trainer for your overall health and fitness.

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