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Do you want to expand your knowledge of Posturcise®?  Are you interested in helping others improve their posture and movement?  Have you ever thought about working in the health & fitness field? Are you looking to incorporate the benefits of Posturcise® into your existing personal training, massage or manual therapy, dance, yoga, Pilates, or health/fitness business? 

Whether you are just looking to learn as much as possible about improving posture and movement, or want to acquire the tools necessary to teach others, getting certified in the Posturcise® system is the place to start. 

We offer two different trainer certification programs to help you reach whatever goals you have in mind.

Our Qualified Posturcise® Trainer Program allows you to learn the entire system in-depth,  including advanced analysis, all of the exercises and training techniques, workout programming, movement training theory, exercise training physiology, and applied biomechanics. It also gives you practical examples to prepare you for the "real world" of helping others improve their posture and movement.  You receive our full in-depth Certified Posturcise® Trainer's Manual  and Trainer's Workbook to study from , and get full access to our instructional Posturcise® video library. These study materials help you prepare for an at-home exam. We take pride in only qualifying those students which show the highest proficiency in our training system, and require a passing grade of 90% to receive certification as  a Qualified Posturcise® Trainer. Upon certification, you may then legally advertize, market, and identify yourself in business as  a Qualified Posturcise® Trainer.

Our Certified Posturcise® Trainer Program takes the qualified level of training and certification to the next level.  This is the highest level of certification and instruction offered in our system, and allows you to offer the highest quality of services to your clients. You receive the same training materials as in the qualified program, and after successful completion of the qualified exam,  you set up a personal advanced instructional session with Dr. Remy.  This advanced training session is currently only offered in Long Island, NY, and is followed by an advanced one-on-one practical exam with Dr. Remy that encompasses your entire Posturcise® knowledge and abilities. Upon a successful  passing grade of 90% in both exams, you receive certification and become a Certified Posturcise® Trainer.   You may then legally advertize, market and identify yourself in business as a Certified Posturcise® Trainer.

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Begin either program by signing up for our Qualified Posturcise® Trainer Program. Your study materials may be downloaded immediately upon payment. These include the 313 page Posturcise® Certified Trainer's Manual (PDF), the 63 page Posturcise® Trainer's Workbook (PDF) , and links to our Posturcise® Trainer's Video Library. As you can imagine, that is a HUGE amount of study material to improve your knowledge of posture and movement training. Because of the in-depth instruction, we allow you up to one year from the time of purchase to submit (via email, fax or mail) your at-home Qualified Posturcise® Trainer's Exam. No exam will be accepted earlier than 3 months from the date of program purchase to ensure a sufficient period of study. Upon successful completion of your exam (90% passing grade), you will receive your  Qualified Trainer's Certification, and will be eligible to  sign up for the Certified Trainer's Program should you desire advanced instruction and testing.  One additional qualified exam submission is accepted if you fail the first exam.  If you fail the first and second exam, we will not accept any tests without purchasing the entire program again. Our goal is to certify serious students interested in our system, and as such  expect a committed approach to learning the material and preparing for our exams. There are no exceptions.

Posturcise® Certified Trainer's Manual

1. Introduction
2. Posture Analysis
3. Patterns of Dysfunction
4. Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology
5. Basic Rules of Posturcise®
6. Postural Stretches
7. “Core” Stability
8. Principles of Movement and Training
9. Coordination and Strengthening Exercises
10. Functional Applications in Daily Activities and Injuries
11. Athletic Sports Performance Enhancement
12. Muscle Relaxation
13. Nutrition and Posture
14. Glossary
15. References and Suggested Reading

Posturcise® Trainer's Workbook

1. Introduction
2. “Pearls” of Posturcise® Training
3. Anatomy and Exercise Physiology
4. Principles of Movement & Training
5. Rules of Posturcise®
6. Analysis
7. Posture Patterns
8. Posture Stretches
9. Corrective Exercises
10. Programming
11. Visual Posture Identification

12. Multiple Choice Test Examples

13. Critical Thinking Test Examples

14. Matching Test Examples

15. Best Answer Test Examples

16. Client Training Rules for Success

17. Typical Mistakes to Avoid

18. Extras

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Posturcise® Video Library

* Analysis

* Corrective Exercises

* Training Techniques

* Pain Relief Exercises

* Typical Training Mistakes

* Biomechanics in Action

* Workout Programming

* Exercise Choice Selection

* Balance Training

* Multiplane Training

* Integrated Fascial Training

* Practical Problem Solving

Upon Successful Completion of our Qualified Trainer Program, you may elect to enroll in our advanced Certified Trainer Program. 

Contact us for the Posturcise® Certified Trainer Program details, pricing, and scheduling your personal instruction with Dr. Remy for this advanced training and certification

at any time AFTER receiving your Qualified Trainer Certification.

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